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It’s dark. It’s dangerous. It’s a place that will change you. It’s The Dungeon. We’ve known Brian Bonds for a long time… but never like this. Sporting a scruffy beard, muscular ripped body, a pair of leather shorts. He’s ready to beg... “Please hold me tighter.” Drew Sebastian and Dale Savage both get a turn to usher Brian into the world of Nasty Daddy. Fisting his tight hole, Shoving a sounding rod up his pisshole, Fucking him and giving him a cum bath. Brian becomes a Nasty Daddy and gets his chance to fist Dale. Horse-hung Dom Ray Diesel gets every inch of his huge cock inside Jake Morgan's hole before flooding him with a huge load. Jay Austin gets taken to the dungeon and dominated by tattooed daddy Michael Roman.
Scenes From DUNGEON
Swallowing Ray Diesel
Jake Morgan, Ray Diesel
8 Photos, 10 min of video
Hot daddy of they year Jake Morgan take a huge load from horse hung Ray Diesel

ND Dungeon
Brian Bonds, Dale Savage
15 min of video
Dirty Daddy Dale has the scruffy Brian Bonds in his sling, playing with his hole, but it’s not just Brian’s hole that’s getting a work over. Brian inserts a sounding rod into his piss hole and Dale helps him work it. The rod stays in while Dale gets his first into Brian’s hole, brining him to his limit. The two men trade positions and Dale is in the sling with Brian’s fist in his hole pushing them both past the point of no return.

Owning Brian Bonds
Brian Bonds, Drew Sebastian
30 Photos, 19 min of video
We’ve known Brian Bonds for a long time… but he’s never been here with us because he was always such a proper and polite young man. He sure wasn’t a Nasty Daddy. Until now. Brian had grown a scruffy beard, built up the muscles on that ripped body, pulled on a pair of leather shorts and he’s ready to beg…. “Please hold me tighter.” Big, bad nasty daddy Drew Sebastian gets the honor of ushering Brian into the world of Nasty Daddy. We start with one flogging and spitting and skin to skin action but before long our new recruit is begging daddy to “tear my hole up.” This young buck can’t get enough and wants to be initiated into the world of Nasty Daddy. “FUCK” Drew dominates Brian’s hole. He doesn’t just fuck it. He owns it. He dominates it. Brian gets fucked like the dog he is and then he rolls Drew onto his back and rides it. Drew doesn’t’ just fuck Brian.  He makes Brian a man. He makes Brian a Nasty Daddy.

Daddy Slap
Jay Austin, Michael Roman
15 min of video
Hot muscle Daddy Michael Roman takes charge of his pup Jay Austin. Jay begs to be slapped around and Daddy Michael takes charge of this breeding session making Jay shoot a HUGE thick creamy load.